Suzuka (Kawakami Koma)

A bat-like Shinobi with a flare for medicine.


At age 15, Suzuka was a small frail girl, her long black hair pulled back into a neat bun, held up by a pair of chopsticks. Her skin light, a hint of blush in her checks. Her once blue eyes chared black, as is the skin around them, it radiates from them. Her clothing is miss matched, never the same twice.

At the age of 17, Suzuka looks to be in her early twenties. Her long brown hair is pulled back into a tight bun, held up with two familiar ‘chop sticks’, a few strands of hair falls in front of her creamy skin. Clear blue eyes neatly framed dark serval like markings, they almost look like the sky fading to night. Haveing returned once more to the ninja village, her clothing has returned to tighter, less restricting clothing, a hole for her long black cat tail. Her body lean and toned like a runner, small bust, but keeping her soft curve.


Birthday: September 07

Height: 4’ 5"

Weight: 85 lbs

Blood type: AB

Classification: Mednin

Academy Grad. Age: 15

Data Book
Nin: 4
Tai: 1
Gen: 1
Int: 4
Str: 1
Spd: 2
Sta: 2
Sea: 4
Total: 19

Suzuka (Kawakami Koma)

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