History of the World

Uchiha Madara’s long term plan finally came to pass. With the enforced assistance of Uchiha Obito, the two of them collected and combined all but one of the Tailed Beasts into the Ten-Tails. With the power of the Ten-Tails at their disposal, even an incomplete version, they cut a swath through the world destroying whatever was necessary to put Madara’s twisted world order onto the globe. Skirmishes and fights happened all over; Ninja from once warring nations and villages bound together in an effort to fight for their collective survival and freedom. Countless Ninja died in the process of putting down Madara and Obito, and even more sacrificed themselves in doing the impossible — finally killing the Ten Tails.

The Ten Tails did not go quietly, though. In a final attack of manifested rage and spite, he proved that no Village was beyond his grasp. Every major city, court, and hidden village was struck by a different blast; all equally devastating in wiping each location off the map. The world was still for a long time before people were willing to try to rebuild civilization. This event ended the Fourth Shinobi World War.

The few Shinobi who did survive were too scared to expose themselves. The arts and technique of a Ninja would be priceless to the countless warlords grabbing for power in the chaos. For a short time, people began to rebuild on their own, even without the help of Ninja or Chakra. Soon, the newly constructed cities began to bicker over borders and resources. Soon wars broke out across the globe, and in little more than a decade, borders and nations were drastically changed. Some were devoured by other countries, some were fragmented into smaller countries; but as the rulers changed, so did the names and ideals. The Lands of old were no more, and scarcely recognizable.

It took thirteen years after the Fourth Shinobi World War ended. The world was still in chaos with nations shifting names, rulers, and borders every day. Three nations stood out as beacons of stability and order: The Land of Fertile Earth, The Land of Beasts, and The Land of Prosperity. Each began to militarize, to keep invaders and marauders at bay. For the first time since the Ten Tails was put down, three warlords were able to maintain security and stability more than any other. These three became self-proclaimed Daimyo. Life within the borders of these three nations became like it used to be. Each for their own reason, a different Kage stepped up in each of these Lands to revive the tradition of Hidden Villages of Ninja — contract warriors and spies who could work to uphold honor and stability in the new lands Those who could work under the cover of stealth to do what had to be done for the greater good. The Land of Fertile Earth has Arashigakure, The Village Hidden in the Storms, led by Yokukage Miyaki. Miyaki was only twenty two years old, but it’s said that she was one of the only public ninjas to carry any techniques over from before the War. It’s said that she spent a long time traveling the world helping those in need; healing the sick, helping villages develop farms, and fighting back invaders.

It is now fifteen years since The War. The three nations each have their village, and each of those have their own goals. Some want more power, some want to spread order, and some just want both. The land between the three nations is a constant skirmish. Newly formed nations fighting for legitimacy against those who would rather have their lands for themselves, villages of innocents caught in the crossfire, and of course, those few Shinobi who survived The War who may come out of hiding for some reason or another.


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