Shinobi World

Ep 2 Return of the lost
Episode 2

In episode 2 both teams have grown over the last 2 years, and after fruitless searching for their missing teammate, Ito Takuma gets a letter from his sister discribing a doctor with bat features. With little prompting the teams set off, hoping to beat the hunter nin to the land of beasts and be the first to find their friend.

Arriving there in a short 5 days, the group is suprised to find a young woman who turns out to be the missing Suzuka, who agrees to come with them, but not before the group is found by Beast thugs. Things take further change when hunter nin also show up and it looks bad before Suzuka shows some of her skills, and turns the leader of the hunters into a bat.

With a open chance, and a fair well to Takuma’s sister, the group sets off to return, and after a night of questioning, as well as refreshing the group returns to the village to face the music. The teams are mostly in trouble for having run off without either sensei, not that they would have been likely to allow it. Suzuka is questioned for several days before finally being released and Yoko takes the whole group out to dinner.


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