Murasawa Ken


at age 12:

Ken (Murasawa) is a boy of young age and modest height (4’11") of a light skin and long, black hair past the shoulders. Brown eyes pay careful attention to the world around them, and the soft face shows a peaceful look. At a guess, Ken is not what is considered skinny or frail, but he’s not particularly strong built either. So, he’s either smarter than he looks, or just some innocent kid.
For an outfit, Ken currently favors the traditional sandals of academy cadets, light khaki’s complete with several pockets, and a rust red shirt that is plain and a little long. To make him a little less plain, he also has a shortened kimono robe he wears open of a dark grey. On his
head is a bandana of a red and black coloring. Atop of that, set against his forehead, is the Shinobi headband for the Village Hidden in the Storms.
This is just the academy look, so it may change one day!-

(and now, two years later…) Age 14:

Ken (Murasawa) is a teenager of fourteen and modest height (5’2") of a light skin and long, black hair in a pony tail. Some is left out for a less harsh look, but the tail down past his back now. Brown eyes pay careful attention to the world around them, and the soft face shows a peaceful look. He hasn’t hasn’t changed much in his overall shape. Neither too frail or too buff, he seems to go for a look of ‘Knowing’ and Calm Ease to try and offset his adversaries.
For an outfit, Ken sports the more traditional sandals of Shinobi, mostly hidden by a blue kimono. The design of it is a sea of mixed blues, whirling around through the entirety. On the right sleeve of the Kimono, the Shinobi Headband is attached, while at his hip, a sheathed katana is usually secured upon the belt.


Birthday: June 3rd ______ Height: 5’2" ______ Weight: 109 lb _____ Blood Type: O-
Classification: Theoretical Chakra Specialist (aka character in flux)

Personality: Calm, collected, not usually overly emotional per se. Somewhat odd for an artist type perhaps.

Historical fluff

Ken has no discerning bloodline (known or active) in his family tree, so it is probably not all that surprising to learn that his father is a Carpenter and his Mother works at a Flower Shop in the village (or at least, that’s what I think. some things were a little weird in setup so not positive).
Even growing up, Ken had the artistic streak to him, which seemed to make his apparent ability to become a Shinobi a surprise for his parents. Still, in a way it was a mark up in the world, and he went along to the Academy, still painting and drawing to his hearts content while taking lessons.
Ken was not the physically masterful type of ninja student. He isn’t much for hiding or sneaking, but had a good mind for some knowledge, clearly a knack for art and (hopefully) creative thinking, and his chakra control was excellent.
This at least lead Ken to a potential ‘career’ goal outside of being an artist – he’d learn a bit about medical ninjutsu so he could perform secondary healing. Maybe he’d focus more on it later on, but he still wanted to enjoy his art, and who knows what the future holds for him at this moment?

(all this is subject to change at random inspiration or correction)

Murasawa Ken

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