Hamura Yoko


Note: this is for the 13 year old Yoko, time skip description is below.
This scatterbrained kunoichi is very tall and has a feminine build. Her deep-set eyes are turquoise. She has straight, very long, gunmetal-gray hair worn in a utilitarian style. Her outfit includes a belt with many pouches. She uses a grueling form of martial arts that emphasizes overwhelming an opponent quickly and using chokeholds.

She is tall, really tall, at 5’ 11" at only 13 in age, she still has some growing to do, which is bad news for her shirt, as its somewhat stressed from her ample bust. She has deep-set turquoise eyes and straight, very long, gunmetal-gray hair worn in several loops of a braid. Her outfit for today was a t-shirt with the words “Bad-Boy” across it, and Jeans along with her ninja shoes.

In her ninja gear Yoko still looks rather busty, but the straps on her almost bodice like top hold everything in place, chest and gear. Her gear is mostly browns and reds, with the standard black ninja shoes. She has a mix of netting and wraps, as well as a few pieces with metal plates studded to them, as well as a belt and over the shoulder harness that holds more small belt pouches then it seems it should.

Age 15
Having grown some in her 2 years as a genin, Yoko now stands 6’ 1", Taller then even her father might have guessed, and has filled out a bit, having gone from just overly busty to busty and stacked, as she has a well trained body. Her outfit has changed as well, keeping the reds and browns, as well as the black ninja shoes(toe covered) to a more elegent style, though there is straps and ribbing in her top to keep everything from moving too much, her pants are almost more camo style, though being red are still a bit hard to hide with, and they have 2 sets of straps on them for her belt puches for storing small items she might need. Her hair is still worn long, but if need be, like knowing a battle is coming up, she will put it up in tight braids pinned against her head so her hair does not get in her face, but she has taken to wearing it loose lately. There are times that one might notice the roots of her hair are darker then the rest of her steel gray hair, but its rare to see.


BirthdateOctober 2

6’ 1"

147 lbs

Blood type

Taijutsu Focused

Academy Grad. Age


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Before having gone to the Ninja Academy, Yoko was a farm girl… Granted a farm girl raised by a former Ninja, and enough siblings that she got more then enough combat training just in being the first one into the bath while it was hot.

Her family started small, with just her father, a former ninja from konoha, and her mother but soon grew as they added Yoko and 6 of her siblings to the mess. They were a tight family, as more then a few bandits found out as none of them hid in the safety of the house when their farm was attacked, though more often then not Yoko and her siblings were distractions while her parents handled most of the fighting.

Her father was a kind man, always taking time from his work to listen to his kids, or look at something they had found, or as was more often the case, break up sibling fights. He spoke often of the days before the war, about how things used to be, and would often have everyone of his offspring piled around him at night to listen to his stories until they were all asleep, kids and father both.

Several months before Yoko left for the academy, there was rumors in the farming village they were part of about a hidden village and they were looking for new students. It was not long after that that her father became ill, and left her mother to care for not just Yoko(age 10), but her siblings, Raku and Yataro(male twins age 8), Yasuhiro(male age 6), Shimei(male age 4), and Suzue and Akiko(female twins age 1). Yoko stepped up as best she could, and made a point of protecting her siblings against the local village bullies, becoming a bit of a bully herself in the process, but only to those bigger then her and who picked on the little kids.

When the chance to go to the academy was presented, Yoko did not want to go at first, she did rather but she felt she was needed more at home until her mother, a beautiful woman with a short temper chewed her out, and said it was what she had always talked about before her father left. With that settled, and a lump on her head too, she left to attend the academy in Arashigakure.

In her time at Arashigakure, there developed two sides to her. The first was the most often one people would see, in that she was a goofball, and more then a bit of a fool, as she would get in trouble for forgetting one thing or another. The other, was the more serous side, which came out more often then not as she was beating some other student up, as she had a fair bit of a temper, and it could take a bit for her to cool down. The first for the most part was never a problem, other then it got her in trouble or hurt, the second was a problem for anyone she was angry at, as she had grown strong and tough to boot so it took more then a little effort to slow her down.

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Hamura Yoko

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